It’s Choice Not Chance That Determines Your Destiny

it's Choice not Chance that determines your destiny

“It’s Choice Not Chance That Determines Your Destiny” -Jean Nidecht I believe that All life’s experiences are connected ~ A series of events and outcomes that lead to the next chapter of this extraordinary journey called “Life”. What might have at one time seemed like an insurmountable challenge may have turned out, in hindsight, to […]

Hoping is Not a Hopeless Endeavor

Hope pic

We have all felt that sinking feeling of hopelessness at some point in our lives.  I remember as an incredibly shy teenager, I often felt that being hopeful of being asked to the prom or working really hard in hopes of being an “A” student to please my parents went hand-in-hand with feeling naïve, frustrated […]

The Hope of a Folding Chair

Me and Karen Concert at the Hollywood Bowl

On a recent beautiful and sunny Southern California day, the Pasadena Rose Bowl was buzzing with thousands of people. Some were in wheelchairs, some used walkers or canes while others were athletes or your average pedestrian. Everyone, however, shared a heartfelt desire and commitment to raise awareness and funds for those they love who struggle […]

The Power of Gratitude

Power of Gratitude pic

Journaling and practicing gratitude has been my daily practice since my 20’s. While focusing on gratitude had previously added positivity to my day, I had no idea how much it could actually change my life until I was diagnosed with MS. Then, practicing gratitude became a lifeline and absolutely shifted my experience from being fraught […]

Getting “Unstuck” ~ Fear vs Power of Intention


We’ve all been there. Most of us occasionally get stuck in an emotional or physical hamster loop.  Sometimes, no matter how much we try to stay positive, fear of the statistical outcome of our diagnosis can be emotionally and physically debilitating. And living with the uncertainties of a chronic illness like MS, can make even […]