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Janet,Karen,Sonia celebrating Karen's Birthday

Janet,Karen,Sonia celebrating Karen’s Birthday

We have been working with Sonia for six years now, and every time, I count her as a blessing in our lives.
If you are living with a chronic progressive disease or you are the partner of someone who is, you know that every day is a mixture of heartbreak and hope, love and fear.

On that rollercoaster, it is important beyond words to have some anchors — some sure things to hold onto and stay afloat. Sonia is that anchor in our lives. Every time we work with her, Karen says this simple phrase, “it was good to see Sonia today”, and that lays the base for the rest of our week.

Karen has difficulty writing, but she wanted to do a testimonial for Sonia. I told her to just say her thoughts out loud, and I would write them down for her.

These are Karen’s words:
I have MS.
Sonia was my first friend with MS.
She is my inspiration.
She is a very strong woman.
She makes me feel powerful.
After I work out with her, I feel stronger.
She has a big heart, she cares for a lot of people.
I have learned to be proud of myself.
She makes MS feel very secondary to the rest of my life.
She is fearless.
She helps me walk up and down the steps many, many, many times.
She is very concentrated when she is working with me.
I trust her.
I love her.

Gerry Turnbull

Mary Weidner

Mary Weidner

Mary Weidner

Sonia’s “contagious optimism” opened yet another door in my personal healing journey.  My battle with cancer left me more than just physically depleted – I was also suffering emotionally and spiritually. The best way to describe my mental state was a form of “survivor’s guilt,” together with a deep fear of a future when my cancer could return

When I confided these feelings in a burst of tears to Sonia, she suggested I might benefit from a form of healing called “Cellular Release.”  Now, I’m not the sort to follow any non-traditional medicine, healing, or spiritual type of program.  I’m about as straight-laced a baby boomer as you’ll find, and I’m VERY skeptical of anything  “out of the norm”.  Sonia simply suggested that others with my challenges had found clarity, purpose and relief from this experience.

Well, I invested a few hours of my time with Sonia for the “Cellular Release” program.  All I can say is: WOW!  I’ve been rewarded with peace, new wisdom about my life’s journey, and further insight into my former and future path. Beyond the incredible deep relaxation I immediately experienced, my clarity of purpose has continued months later.  While I believe I already possessed these thoughts, the experience unlocked the fear that was imprisoning my ability to go forward, and RELEASED me from so much of my negativity and uncertainty.  The program was frankly one of the best investments I’ve made in my return to a vital and healthy life!

Laurie Boyer
When I was diagnosed with Primary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis…

Me? I didn’t believe it. Most of what I read was doom and gloom. Still, I didn’t believe it.  I stepped up my exercise. I was taking spinning classes, yoga, and walking around the Rose Bowl a couple of times week. I continued to gradually get worse, even with the prescribed medication. Walking the Rose Bowl and yoga became too difficult. I curtailed my travel but I wasn’t ready to give in.

Then I found Sonia. That was in October 2012. Little did I know that fitness to Sonia is much more than muscles and tendons. Mind, body, and spirit would more accurately describe her orientation. On the phone she immediately inquired about my diet, stress levels, work and personal life. She also asked me my goals. My goal was to travel where I wanted without limitations.

Within 5 months I have seen improvements in all areas of my life. My walking and balance have improved and I am feeling more energetic.  But, the most dramatic changes have been in my outlook on life. I am feeling hopeful and happy in ways I never imagined.

Gary Mazziotti

Gary M

Gary M

Este Este Este, “The Best The Best The Best” – Sonia Trejo is a gift to the Wellness Profession!

I am proud to say Sonia has been my personal trainer and a dear friend for nearly 5 years. She has helped me with numerous physical obstacles, has kept me pain free, and has dramatically increased the quality of my life and physical confidence.

When I was introduced to Sonia my back pain and fear of movement was affecting every area of my life. Through Sonia’s patience, passion, personality, professionalism, and remarkable knowledge of the human body, I’m living life again! Sonia has been nothing short of spectacular as my coach and close pal.

Brad Lemack

Sonia has a keen understanding that we all age differently. Some of us have challenges greater than others, but we all have the desire to age with grace, dignity and confidence about our abilities to maintain “normal” lives for the rest of our lives. She has made a significant impact on my physical self-perception, guiding me, in the process, to a safe place of improving physical and personal strength.

Lana S.


Lana’s Spine

Yes, this is a photo of my 65 year old spine from a bone density scan which shows my scoliosis.  Over the years I have experienced pain and immobility, I have had physical therapy, epidurals and braces.  A year ago I started to work with Sonia Trejo as my personal trainer and can say she has helped me more than all the others approaches.  I have less pain, more strength, balance and mobility.  Sonia has helped me to achieve what I thought was impossible.

Thank you! Lana S.